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Pregnant woman stands in front of curtains holding her bump on her due date..

Lockdown Babies: We speak with Lucy literally on her due date

Hi Lucy, so good to talk to you today. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

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I’m Lucy - I’m a positive person who doesn’t take life too seriously. I’m extremely clumsy and silly & I can’t go a day without tripping up or accidentally breaking something. It’s always ‘Oh Lucy’ echoing round the house.

I’m a model living in west London with my boyfriend and soon with our new baby. I’m due any moment now so we are eagerly waiting the little one. I’m writing this on my 40 week due date. Hoping today will be the DDay! I’ll be bouncing on my ball all day like a mad woman. 


Congratulations! How’s your week been?

Good thank you - I’m thankful for the good weather and sunshine this week. It helps to lift the mood and begin the day nicely despite lockdown. Don’t get me wrong, I am going a little stir crazy at times doing the same thing every day. But thankfully I have lovely greenery where I live so I can get out for beautiful walks in nature. Although I can’t stray too far in case I either pee myself or go into labour!


Has your experience been different to what you had expected?

I’ve been extremely lucky I have to say. We had all of our scans done just before lockdown started. It’s only midwife appointments that I’ve been to alone. Which hasn’t been so bad - the waiting room has been peaceful without all of the men!

I was looking forward to celebrating my baby shower with all of my nearest and dearest but obviously that was cancelled. At first I had a little cry, especially as it’s my first baby. I celebrated with my partner instead and it was so lovely - he waited on me all day with lots of yummy food, we had balloons up, my friends and family posted gifts and some fun baby shower bits (like advice on nappies!). It was really special.

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I’ve just tried to let a sad thought enter my head when it does - and then I’ve managed to train my brain to see the good side to it so that I don’t dwell on how things could have been. One thing I am sad about, but also grateful for, is the fact my sister is pregnant at the same time as me. She tried for a long time to get pregnant ... and the chances of her falling pregnant a couple months after me was just mind-blowing and so special. Of course we wanted to be around each other more to experience this special time together. But such is life right now. And I’m just so grateful for her that she has a little blessing on the way. The lovely awaiting of these babies is helping all of our family & friends right now as they’re all so excited.


Any particular moment recently that stands out to you?

The clapping for the NHS every Thursday. I couldn’t hold back tears the first week. The birds were flapping out of trees at 8pm thinking “what is going on”?! It was magical. We look forward to clapping every Thursday now - it marks not only the amazing work of our NHS and carers but also all of the key workers. It’s also another week ticked off on lockdown. Every week is a week closer to seeing and hugging loved ones. 


How has it been with family and friends?

My whatsapp family chat does not shut up. My mum sends a trillion voice notes a day. My lockdown memory will be seeing ‘Mummy is recording an audio message’ all the time. It’s amazing to all check in on each other - then it may go quiet and one of us will write that we are just having ‘one of those days’ and we all recognise this is a rollercoaster so we either make extra effort to cheer each other up or we say “okay you have your day. Chill, eat chocolate, do what you need to, don’t force yourself to be happy today if you don’t feel it”. And then the next day we are all there for each other again.


How are you feeling generally during these coronavirus times?

Generally I’m good because I am not a worrier. I just make sure I listen to the news once a day or it gets so repetitive plus people just speculate and it can create so much anxiety. I have my health and I like to exercise regularly to keep me feeling good and sane. We are in the routine of cleaning and undressing at the door. Disinfecting everything. It’s the new normal. We are all doing what we can to survive. However, I am spending even though I’m not going to the shops. The deliveries have upped but it gives me something to look forward to. Even if it’s aloe vera from amazon for after birth 😉. A parcel is a parcel after all.


Any new lockdown discoveries?

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I’d love to say I’m a good cook but I’m not. My boyfriend has been my chef throughout our 10 years together and he is amazing. We’ve ate more pasta than ever on lockdown. I love podcasts too. I’m the mad woman you see walking along smiling to herself or laughing at a podcast. Mostly listening to podcasts like ‘Made by Mammas’ which has lots of interviews with celebrity mums and a lot of honesty, it’s great. ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ and Bryony Gordon’s podcast are great too. 


Three things you are most grateful for at the moment?

My health, my baby, and my family. Love is all you need (as well as some English Breakfast tea - I did have a bit of a mini breakdown when they sold out recently in our local store). When you strip things back to basics in these times you truly realise that health is wealth and having a roof over your head, a healthy family around you and food in the cupboards is everything. 


Any advice for all the women out there also expecting a baby?

Go easy on yourself. You’re human. You’re going to have moments you don’t feel positive and amazing about things. Let those thoughts take place. Then you need to flip it on its head and take the good from that situation. Cry if you need to. You’ll feel so much better after. And most importantly tell someone how you feel. It’s no good suffering alone. 

Nobody is getting by on lockdown without having down days. No matter what you see on social media. Don’t compare yourself and your life to anyone else’s. I guarantee we are all feeling the same at one point. 

You’ve got this 💪🏼 


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