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Meet the brilliantly talented artists behind the NINA muslins.
We collaborate with them to create exclusive designs that you can't get anywhere else.
This is what sets the NINA muslins apart.
Muslins full of creativity, inspiration and stories.
Designed by your favourite artists.

Alja Horvat

Alja is a 24 year old illustrator from Slovenia. Not only has she received numerous awards but she has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30.

Amelia Heron

Amelia focuses on minimal aesthetics, she values the philosophy that less is more, and she fully appreciates 'ma', the Japanese concept of negative space.

Jo Faulkner

Jo is an artist and print designer from London. She creates hand-painted designs, often working in watercolour and gouache, and loves to paint nature and creatures.

Kirsty Fenton

Kirsty is a Scottish artist based in Barcelona where she is repeatedly taken away by the bold colours of this Mediterranean city and the incredible natural sunlight which extends all year round.

Natalia Bagniewska

Natalia is an artist and designer
based in London and with a Polish heritage from which she draws a lot of her inspiration. With a design background, her work feels both whimsical and nostalgic.

Sasha Compton

Sasha's art is colourful, feminine and explorative. It celebrates positive imperfections. She is currently based in Amsterdam, but grew up between North Yorkshire and the Isle of Mull.

Alice Allum

Alice is an illustrator whose work is varied and playful, with colour and texture playing a central part to both her process and final outcome. Alice takes inspiration from nature's botanical shapes and everyday forms.

Charles Voysey

Charles Voysey was an architect, textile and furniture designer, born in Yorkshire in 1857. Regarded as one of the finest architects of the Arts and Crafts movement.

William Morris

William Morris was a British textile designer, poet, artist, novelist, translator and socialist activist associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement.