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Meet the Artist: Sasha Compton

Meet the Artist: Sasha Compton

The artist behind two beautiful muslins in the NINA collection. Sasha grew up in a creative family (her mother is an antique restorer), spending time between North Yorkshire and the Isle of Mull. She is inspired by the beauty in nature, the feeling of liberation and the Renaissance period.

Sasha worked as a graphic designer in the fashion industry for seven years until she decided to fulfil her dream as a contemporary artist. She took her bold colours, feminine style, and love for the female form from the fashion industry with her.  


Embracing imperfections through art.

“In today’s world there is so much pressure to be perfect. My work is all about embracing the imperfections. The materials I use have a life of their own which I love. These imperfections give an artwork character, as if each piece has its own personality.”

See more of Sasha's artwork here on her website.

Introducing the 'Botticelli Shells' muslin.

The original artwork was a lino print, inspired by one of my favourite paintings, Botticelli’s 'The Birth of Venus'. A shell is so small but has many functions; a home, a decorative ornament or a means of protection. There is so much beautiful detail in a very organic and fragile object, fitting for a goddess (or a loved one!)."

Based on original artwork.

“I love collecting cowry shells on the beaches in Scotland so had to include them! But the print was challenging to create. The details needed to be carved very precisely into the lino print, and the lino needed to be lightly inked up to print the details well. 

I experimented first with bringing some of the ocean fluidity into the artwork by using a variety of watercolour washes. In the end I decided to keep it simple with more emphasis on the shells themselves."


A parenting essential, our muslin blankets elevate the everyday with their unique designs. Created by your favourite artists, they are full of creativity, inspiration and stories.

We've loved working with Sasha and love all her artwork. We're very happy she's part of our first collection!

Emily & Oli 



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