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Black square that symbolises Black Friday

Black Friday reminds us why we started NINA

It’s Black Friday.


Writing any email today is rather hopeful.

Subject line: BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

Says every other company you’ve ever given your email to.

Maybe this year is the year to buy a new radiator after all.

Joking aside, we think Black Friday is a reminder of why we started NINA. Fast fashion motors the planet towards destruction, but we don’t think it’s too much to ask to pay people fairly, make good clothes and do fashion sustainably.

Behind the scenes of Black Friday there are thousands of people making all the things. Yep, including all the manufacturers behind your radiators.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the artists behind The Motherhood Prints as much as we have. And we’re excited to introduce you, in 2021, to the cotton farmers and the garment workers we’re working with behind the scenes.

We’ve gone back to the start of the whole process. We know the cotton farmers by name and we take the cotton all the way through the production process. There are over 40 types of cotton. Our cotton is extra soft and makes longer-lasting clothes.

It means we know what goes into the clothes we make and we can be 100% confident you’re getting the lusciously soft cotton that grows in the farmers’ fields.

Having said that, sometimes you just need a new pair of pants. We think you should check these brands out that are thinking about fashion in ways that inspire us (and who probably aren’t doing a Black Friday sale 😉):


  • Paynter Jacket (the most thoughtfully designed jacket you could buy, released throughout the year in small batches)

  • Patagonia

  • KOTN (they’re in fact donating 100% of this weekend’s proceeds to build schools in Egypt)

  • Birdsong (they’re doing a ‘Transparent Friday’ instead, breaking down the costs of their clothes)

  • Veja

  • Hiut Jeans (as they say themselves, they’re sitting this one out)


Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Emily & Oli x


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