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About Us

At NINA we work with brilliant partners all over the world to create exceptional quality baby clothes and accessories.

 Co-founders of NINA share more about NINA, their mission to create high quality baby clothes and to be an ethical, sustainable baby clothes company

Hello! It’s lovely to meet you, we’re Emily & Oli.

We started NINA after living in Peru where we accidentally fell headfirst into the world of cotton.

We were in a country that grew the world’s best cotton - Peruvian Pima cotton.

Nice name huh.

Nice cotton too. Its fibres grow longer than other cottons meaning it’s softer and longer lasting. Good for all of us who wear clothes made from cotton (i.e., all of us, especially babies).

We realised that, living in London, we knew next to nothing about how our clothes were made, let alone where they came from or who was involved in designing them.

In Peru we found ourselves at the very start of that journey, where cotton grew in fields along the Pacific coast whilst pelicans flew overhead.

A few years later and we’re excited to share with you our first collections.

Our elevated essentials collection is here! Remarkably soft baby clothes made from organic Peruvian Pima cotton. Intentionally gender neutral and kept stylish with sophisticated colours. Shop the baby clothes here.

The baby clothes are the perfect compliment to the popular muslin blankets! Designed by artists, you won’t find these muslins elsewhere. They’re full of creativity, thoughtfulness, and irresistible details. They're works of art, in muslin form! The artists are the stars of the show here (and lovely people we’ve really enjoyed working with). Shop the muslins here.

We work closely with all our partners to design products around the principles of lasting quality, sustainable design, honest value and positive impact. It takes a bit longer but it’s 100% worth it.

Our goal at NINA is to be a force for good. We're on a mission to create the most irresistible baby essentials. And celebrate the people behind them - starting with the artists and the cotton farmers. Because they don't get enough airtime and because the journey of our clothes, and how they're made, is fascinating.

Read more about our goals here.

We hope you love our first collections!

Emily & Oli